Lithuanian Riflemen’s Union

Lithuanian Riflemen’s Union (LRU) is a voluntary, state-sponsored organization that unites people who dedicate their time to the defence and strengthening of the Homeland.

The LRU plays a crucial role in our nation’s defence and crisis management, making it an integral part of these vital operations.

While the LRU undertakes tasks assigned by state authorities, it’s important to emphasize that it’s primarily a volunteer organization. Its members, driven by a deep sense of duty, selflessly dedicate their free time to the defense and strengthening of our Homeland.

The LRU currently unites nearly 15,000 members. In the Riflemen’s Union, everyone can realize their potential in the following fields: sports, culture, citizenship education, IT, communication, medicine, warfare, etc.

The tasks of the LRU

The LRU is dedicated to fostering self-assured, innovative, and motivated citizens of the Republic of Lithuania who are prepared to defend their Homeland and assist state institutions in times of crisis.

To help ensure public safety, the LRU diligently prepares the citizens of the Republic of Lithuania for armed and non-violent civil resistance if needed, providing a reassuring presence in times of crisis.

The LRU has a commendable track record of aiding state authorities in critical situations. From effectively managing the illegal migrant crisis on the Belarus border to providing crucial support during the COVID-19 pandemic, our members have been pivotal. In July, they played a significant role in maintaining public order at the NATO Summit in Vilnius and ensuring the security of our borders.

The LRU places a strong emphasis on working with young people, providing citizenship education and a range of life and survival skills. Young Riflemen’s groups are active across Lithuania, with approximately 6,000 Young Riflemen contributing to the Union’s ranks.

The Riflemen regularly participate in various educational programs for schoolchildren and implement a Citizenship and Defense Skills Course for ninth graders throughout Lithuania.

For better understanding, please see the video below, which was made by „Lithuania Explained” from a foreigner’s perspective on the Lithuanian Riflemen’s Union. 



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